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Welcome to the official Jensen Engineering, Inc. website. We are a Professional Electrical Engineering Firm specializing in Power Distribution, located in Reno, NV. We began business in 1992, and have, since then, contributed to the design of over 1,000 projects aross the Western United States .

We are capable of contributing to, or managing, the Professional Electrical Engineering design of all types of projects, from Industrial to Commercial to Residential. We provide expert Design/Build assistance, including compliance with all required codes and jurisdiction requirements.

We are a small, but expanding, corporate business, employing our own Professional Engineers, Electrical Designers, and Draftsmen. This "In-House" system enables us to communicate effectively, and meet construction timelines and dates with a low-overhead projection in mind. We are confident that we can meet the unique requirements of any local, state, or federal jurisdiction.

Our personnel indicate a diverse and extensive resource collection, built on over 50 years of professional electrical design, as well as electrical installation experience. With this collection of resources we have developed a system which generates electrical construction documents which are promptly prepared, easy to interpret and professionally designed.

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